Johnny’s Fortune illustration for SHEL’TTER MAGAZINE


My original illustration is collaborated with Johnny Kaede’s horoscope powered by SHEL’MAG. SHEL’MAG is a web media originally from a chic fashion retailer “SHEL’TTER” in Tokyo. Johnny is popular in fashion media here, and Johnny himself is really cool person :) His writing is really deep, so I can’t say that this is just a horoscope, yet his “creation” is like a poet. SHEL’MAG team was amazing people too, so I am glad to be part of them. Please check to read it!

Direction: Mami Yoshimura (SHEL’MAG)
Astrology & Main Text : Johnny Kaede
Edit & Sub Text : Akemi Katsumata
Illustration Edit & Page Layout : Kazuyuki Suzuki & Miyu Sato (SHEL’MAG)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda (@aiko_fukuda)
Love & Passion: We All