Interviewed by MACFAN magazine


I am interviewed by MACFAN magazine for Ringo Shokunin (Apple Professionals). I talk about how to illustrate combining analog tools with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Thanks for visiting my studio!

Edit: Takeshi Masuyama
Interviewer: Jun Osuga
Photograph: Akira Kuroda
Interviewee: Aiko Fukuda

Interviewed by CONTAINER web

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 12.20.08f04fad5ad24de76459e0b6b63bc6ffbd-1-1500x751IMG_0738-750x497anna magazineやLUKE magazine(anna magazineのメンズ版)を手がけるmo greenさまが新たなプラットフォーム「CONTAINER」を立ち上げました。そこでわたしが現在挑戦するクリエイションについてインタービューを受けました。こんなマニアックなこと、誰もわかってくれないよね、、というようなことも快く聞いてくださった木村さんたちのおかげで、今までで一番素のわたしを写し出してくれた記事になりました。よろしければ是非ご覧ください。

I have interviewed by a media platform CONTAINER. I talked about my adventures through creations and my hometown. This is so real. This is me. The interview is written by Japanese, so I am sorry to not understand it, but hope Mr. Google can help you! Thank you CONTAINER team for this.

Aiko’s Possibilities of Expression Through Her Drawings

I have interviewed by Adobe Creative Cloud for “Illustrator 30_30”

Adobe Illustratorが今年30周年を迎えるとのことで、”Illustrator30_30″というビジュアルコラボレーション&インタビューに参加させていただきました。こちらの企画は30代までの若手クリエイター30人を連載で紹介していて、なんとわたしが第1回目を飾らせていただきました…!


I have interviewed by Adobe Creative Cloud for “Illustrator 30_30” to celebrate Adobe Illustrators 30th anniversary. I am such an honored to be part of them and freshly started with me :) Please click the link below to read it.

Client: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Photograph: Taio Konishi(小西泰央)
Interviewer & Text: Akiko Saito (斎藤あきこ) Yu Miyakoshi(宮越ゆう)
Interviewee & Illustration: Aiko Fukuda(福田愛子)