Vent Ouest Wedding Gift Catalogue Illustration

ウェディングギフトカタログ「Vent Ouest」の表紙・扉絵を担当させていただきました。

I worked for the wedding gift brochure “Vent Ouest” and available now.

Client: Vent Ouest
Art Direction & Design: Kitchen Sink
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

A Collaboration Umbrella “CURIOSITIES” with DiCesare Designs

独創的な傘のフォルムで知られるDiCesare Designs(ディ・チェザレ・デザインズ)とのコラボレーション傘が発売されました。現在下記オンラインストアをはじめ、イセタンサローネ六本木ミッドタウン店・松屋銀座・roomsショップにてお取り扱いしております。

I am so excited to announce that my first collaboration item with very creative umbrella design studio DiCesare Designs is finally out! The item is available on ISETAN SALONE Tokyo Midtown, MATSUYA GINZA Department Store, and rooms shop.

Featured about MOLESKINE x TASKO x ROLAND Digital Live Drawing Event

去年「MOLESKINE TRADE SHOW Spring/Summer 2018」にてデジタルライブドローイングをした様子をローランドさまが記事にしてくださいました。

The printing company ROLAND.D.C. featured the MOLESKINE event I have worked with here the link below. This article is available in English as well, please check this out!

Wine Label Design & Illustration


I have designed and illustrated this wine label called “Orosquette Rouge” is in stores at Vinos Yamazaki across Japan.

Pellico 2018 S/S Collection Press Preview Invitation Design & Illustration


I have designed and illustrated for the press preview invitation for Pellico.