Clé de Peau Beauté Special Gift Box

2018年11月21日発売クレ・ド・ピュー・ボーテさま特別ギフトボックスを担当させていただきました。こちらは数量限定で、GINZA SIX店・表参道ヒルズ店のみの発売となるそうです。よろしければ是非お手に取ってご覧ください。

I have worked with Clé de Peau Beauté and made a special gift box. These boxes are limited and only available at GINZA SIX and Omotensando Hills. Come check them out!


My work has been nominated by GMUND AWARD2018, Germany

ドイツのテーガンゼー湖畔で高級紙を製造されているGMUNDさまが毎年開催しているコンペティション「GMUND AWARD」にて私のポストカードがノミネートされました。

German Fine Paper company GMUND holds GMUND AWARD every year, and my postcards have been nominated. Thank you so much!

Upcoming my solo show in NYC Aug3rd to10th

念願の夢であったニューヨークにて個展をさせていただけることになりました。ニューヨーク在住の方、旅行でちょうど行くよという方、偶然このポストを見つけてくれた方など、どんな方でも来ていただけます。コーヒー買いがてら、ふらっと立ち寄っていただけますと幸いです。皆さまにお会いできることを楽しみにしております ^^

I am so excited to announce that one of my dreams- having my solo show in NYC is coming true at SBC Art Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Here is the details below, hope to see all of you at the opening! Please save the date and have fun with my work.

福田愛子 個展「Shape of Love」
会期:2018年8月3日(金)- 8月10日(金)
会場:SBC ART STUDIO 229 Cook Street 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11206
開館時間:12時〜20時 入場無料
お問い合わせ:SBC ART STUDIO Tel: 718 456 2500 E-mail:

今夏SBC ART STUDIOでファッションイラストレーターのAIKO FUKUDAがアメリカで初めての個展を開催します。 AIKO FUKUDAの作品はファッションからインスピレーションを得たイラストで、実に繊細に描かれています。 このエキシビションは、彼女の今までのアーカイブと最新作から構成されています。最新作では彼女が日常生活で出会った心に残ったもの、思いでの風景などパーソナルな気持ちをイラストで表現しています。オープニングレセプションパーティーは8月3日午後6時から8時。 当日会場でお会いしましょう。
Aiko Fukuda’s solo exhibition
August 3 – August 10, 2018
Reception: Friday, August 3, 2018 6 – 8 PM

We are proud to announce Japanese Fashion Illustrator Aiko Fukuda’s solo exhibition in the U.S. at SBC ART STUDIO this summer. Aiko’s work is fashion-inspired illustrations with a delicate, pen-drawn touch. This exhibition is her first solo show in the U.S., consisting of a selection from her archives, and her latest works based on her personal memories and images on her head. Opening reception will be on August 3rd, start from 6 to 8 pm. Aiko will be at the reception, so please save the date!

Shiseido Ultimune Flower Fortune Illustration


資生堂アルティミューン期間限定の「FLOWER FORTUNE占い」イラストを担当させていただきました。現在アルティミューンのサンプルプレゼント中だそうなので、ぜひ試してみてくださいね。

I worked with Shiseido Ultimune team for their special campaign “Flower Fortune”, and drew flowers and lucky charms. Currently you can get Ultimune Samples for free, so please check this out!

Client: Shiseido
Agent: Creative Link Corporation
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

(e)vol x kiito workshop invitation illustration

I worked with a lovely flower shop (e)vol and drew a botanical illustration for their upcoming workshop at kiito hair salon in Tokyo. (e)vol and I met at the rooms exhibition and actually joinged the repetto’s pop up shop together previously, and we both liked our creation, so this is what happened! I am glad to draw their lovely flowers and felt like spring. Here is the info about their workshop below, so please check it out and join it if you are around.


“(e)vol x kiito workshop”
期間 2016年4月12日〜2016年4月24日
開催地 東京都渋谷区神南1-19-14 4F 美容室kiito
電話番号 03-6277-5215
会費 各回7,500円(税別)
定員 各レッスン6名まで(先着順)※予約制

“(e)vol x kiito workshop”
Period: 2016.4/12 ~ 2016 4/24
Venue: kiito hair salon
Address: 1-19-14, Jinnann, Shibuya, Tokyo
Fee: ¥7500(+tax) / per lesson
Capacity: up to 6 people per lesson (reservation only)
(must include information about your name, contact, dates, and numbers of attenders.)

BAILA Blanche Etoile magazine illustration




I worked with BAILA magazine about “What we can do with this magical water by Masaru Hamada”. Mr Hamada is a professional hair-makeup artist in Japan, and he has his own cosmetics line, “Blanche Etoile”. Recently he has launched the new skin tonic water, so this is all about.

In the past, my sister gave a cheek color from his brand as “lucky color” when I just started being a freelancer. That color was super vivid like an orange, and that cheek made me so positive and brighten me up literally :) I am super happy to work with one of my fvorite cosmetics brand. I thank my sister and people surround me for this opportunity.

Plus the most amazing news was Mr Hamada really loved my illustrations, and he decided to use my illustrarion for his product permanently from now on. It is such an honor to recieve his voice. Please come find it if you are around.

BAILA magazine

Blanche Etoile

Agent: Building(Miki Igarashi)
Edit: Maiko Sugai(菅井麻衣子)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda