Make It On Mobile in NYC by Adobe Systems

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Great photographs by Bryan O’Neil Hughes
ニューヨークで行われたAdobeさま主催の「MAKE IT ON MOBILE」というイベントにご招待いただき、参戦してきました。世界各国から23人のアーティストが招集され、モバイルアプリだけを使ってどんなクリエイションが生まれるのか、どんな可能性があるのか、2人1組になってポスターを製作しました。


I was invited by Adobe Systems to join their very curated event “MAKE IT ON MOBILE” in New York City during July 26th and 27th. It was super fun to collaborate such talented artists in those past 2days. It was so inspiring. Thank you so much Aadobe Creative Cloud for this opportunity and giving me hints and ideas for my next creations. There are a lot of possibilities using iPad Pro and Adobe products to make / challenge something new. I’ll definitely keep it up and hopefully meet people I’ve met at the event someday again :)

MITSUKOSHI ISETAN department store “Parallel Mirror” illustration




I worked with Mitsukoshi Isetan department store for their upcoming event “Irodorisai(Coloful Festival),” and my illustration is now converted to interactive media on the screen. There is a mysterious mirror called “Parallel Mirror”, that shows you the futuristic fashionista and I drew all of costumes!

This is my first time that my illustrations are converted in some digital media and it was so much fun to think about what to draw based on the concept. The parallel mirror team was so open minded, so I could express what I wanted to draw. I had researched a lot and took time to reach these ideas, but every moment in this project was so exciting. It is definitely one of my good summer memories :) Please try those if you have any chance.

Client: Mitsukoshi Iseten Ltd.
Interactive Technology Support: BBmedia Inc.(野田 奈々恵・小川 裕子・杉本 小百合・熱海 良・木戸 竜也・森田 裕美・飯島 健裕・安部 裕子)
Agent: Building(五十嵐美記)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

本館1階 ライオン口特設コーナー

3階 エスカレーター前 特設コーナー
B1階外 地下鉄連絡通路ショーウィンドウ内(撮影印刷は無し)

※ 店舗により実施期間が異なります。