Vent Ouest Wedding Gift Catalogue Illustration

ウェディングギフトカタログ「Vent Ouest」の表紙・扉絵を担当させていただきました。

I worked for the wedding gift brochure “Vent Ouest” and available now.

Client: Vent Ouest
Art Direction & Design: Kitchen Sink
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

Notebook Cover Illustration for Roland DG Benelux nv x MOLESKINE

ベルリンのプロダクトイベントFESPA 2018の出展にあたり、UVプリンターで有名なRoland DG Benelux nvとMOLESKINEがコラボレーションしたカスタムノートブックの表紙を担当いたしました。

My Japanese scenery illustration is on the special notebook which is only available for the event FESPA 2018 in Berlin. Visitors could get it at Roland DG Benelux nv booth during 5/15~18.

Client: Roland DG Benelux nv
Direction: Karel Sennon
Coordination: Nami Mukunoki
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

Otoko no Iroke “Bald is Awesome” vol.21 for BRUTUS magazine

A reccuring column illustration on BRUTUS Magazine “Otoko no Iroke (Bald is Awesome)” vol.21 is in store now.

Powered by: Kenichi Yaguchi(矢口憲一)
Edit: Asuka Ochi (大池明日香)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda(福田愛子)

BRUTUS special cover illustration


個人的にヴィトンの芸術を大事にする姿勢が大好きで、昨年のフランク・ゲーリーの展示(21_21エルパスルイ・ヴィトン東京はもちろん両方行って、さらにルイ・ヴィトン x Numeroのアーバンナイトにも参加しました。笑)やこないだのVVV展はもちろん、トラベルブックなども個人的に集めていて、ずっとヴィトン関連のお仕事ができたらいいなと思いを馳せていたので、このお仕事をいただけた時はとても嬉しかったです。



I worked on the cover illustration for BRUTUS magazine’s special issue feat. Ms. Mari Saito. Mari is the PR director at Louis Vuitton Japan for many years, and this is a special illustration  that is used for her farewell party.

I always love the way Louis Vuitton appreciates art and artist. Last year I went to see Frank Gehry’s exhibition both at 21_21 Design Sight and at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo and actually started collecting LV’s travel books, so  I was hoping to work on something relates to Louis Vuitton. So it just happened somehow!

My parents are huge fan of Louis Vuitton, so they have many products from LV. I brought their LV’s luggage bag on my field trip when I was in middle school, so Louis Vuitton actually has belonged to my life naturally. I feel connected to Louis Vuitton and feel like they are part of my family, so I was so happy to work on this project.

As a theme of her leaving, I drew Mari’s journey in Paris with Louis Vuitton Boutique as background. I drew other rough sketches that were inspired by their vintage ads, and the editor tema totally loveed it, so they decided to use both. (Wow!) I am super happy how it came out. Cheers to her next step and I hope she would like my work.


Edit:Toru Hoshino
Illustration:Aiko Fukuda

Regular illustration column for Brutus magazine, “Bald is Awesome” vol.9

My illustration column on BRUTUS Magazine “Bald is Awesome” vol.9 is in store now.

Powered by: Kenichi Yaguchi(矢口憲一)
Edit: Asuka Ochi (大池明日香)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

otona MUSE magazine illustration

2015年9月28日発売のotona MUSE「雑貨で旅する世界一周」挿絵を担当させていただきました。
I worked with otona MUSE magazine about “Knick Knack World Trip” published by Takarajiimasha inc.

Agent: Building (Anri Nakamura)
Edit: Yoko Abe (阿部洋子)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda