Faber Castell x Karl Lagerfeld for GINZA magazine



2016年11月11日発GINZA「FaberCastellx Karl Lagerfeld」にてスペシャルPOP UP絵日記を描かせていただきました。ポップアップブックは個人的にもずっとやってみたいことだったので、やりたいクリエイションが一つ実現できて嬉しかったです。


I worked for GINZA magazine a feature about POPUP diary using “Faber Castell x Karl Lagerfeld’s special limited coloring box”. The POP UP diary is one of things I wanted to create, so I was super happy being asked to assign this project. I had not created these kind of things, so it was very challenging to me and had not slept like a week since the deadline was tight. However overall, it was so much fun!! Please take a look :)

Client: Faber Castell Japan (Momoko Takahashi)
Producer: Keiko Yamamoto
Photo: Hiromichi Uchida
Edit: Yu-ka Matsumoto
Assistant: Nahoko Saiki
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

KARLBOX: http://www.colours-in-black.com/#jp
GINZA magazine: http://magazineworld.jp/ginza/

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