Book illustration for Urokojuku

濱田マサルさんの新著「鱗塾 lesson1」の挿絵を担当させていただきました。前回に続きまたお仕事ご一緒できて嬉しいです。個人的にファンなのでサイン会にもこっそり参加してみたりして。笑。気さくで相変わらず笑顔が素敵な方でした!よろしければどうぞお手にとってご覧ください。

I have worked for a book called “Uroko Juku (Masaru Hamada’s Beauty lesson 1)” and has come out now. This is my second time to work with him, so I was so happy to work with him again. Thank you everyone who made this happen :)

Agent: Building (Miki Igarashi)
Author: Masaru Hamada
Edit: Hiroka Amano
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda
Buy now>>

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