(e)vol x kiito workshop invitation illustration

I worked with a lovely flower shop (e)vol and drew a botanical illustration for their upcoming workshop at kiito hair salon in Tokyo. (e)vol and I met at the rooms exhibition and actually joinged the repetto’s pop up shop together previously, and we both liked our creation, so this is what happened! I am glad to draw their lovely flowers and felt like spring. Here is the info about their workshop below, so please check it out and join it if you are around.


“(e)vol x kiito workshop”
期間 2016年4月12日〜2016年4月24日
開催地 東京都渋谷区神南1-19-14 4F 美容室kiito
電話番号 03-6277-5215
会費 各回7,500円(税別)
定員 各レッスン6名まで(先着順)※予約制

“(e)vol x kiito workshop”
Period: 2016.4/12 ~ 2016 4/24
Venue: kiito hair salon
Address: 1-19-14, Jinnann, Shibuya, Tokyo
Fee: ¥7500(+tax) / per lesson
Capacity: up to 6 people per lesson (reservation only)
Contact: info@e-v-o-l.com
(must include information about your name, contact, dates, and numbers of attenders.)


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