BAILA Blanche Etoile magazine illustration




I worked with BAILA magazine about “What we can do with this magical water by Masaru Hamada”. Mr Hamada is a professional hair-makeup artist in Japan, and he has his own cosmetics line, “Blanche Etoile”. Recently he has launched the new skin tonic water, so this is all about.

In the past, my sister gave a cheek color from his brand as “lucky color” when I just started being a freelancer. That color was super vivid like an orange, and that cheek made me so positive and brighten me up literally :) I am super happy to work with one of my fvorite cosmetics brand. I thank my sister and people surround me for this opportunity.

Plus the most amazing news was Mr Hamada really loved my illustrations, and he decided to use my illustrarion for his product permanently from now on. It is such an honor to recieve his voice. Please come find it if you are around.

BAILA magazine

Blanche Etoile

Agent: Building(Miki Igarashi)
Edit: Maiko Sugai(菅井麻衣子)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda


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