Young GOETHE Green Gora magazine illustration

2016年3月16日発売YOUNG GOETHE GREEN GORA「ラウンドで差がつく愛されギア」特集挿絵を担当させていただきました。よろしければ是非お手にとってご覧ください。
I worked with YOUNG GOETHE magazine’s special issue called “GREEN GORA GOLF” about a feature “Let’s make a difference with it gears on the round of golf” published by

Edit&Direction: Yasuyuki Ouchi(大内康行)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

BAILA Blanche Etoile magazine illustration




I worked with BAILA magazine about “What we can do with this magical water by Masaru Hamada”. Mr Hamada is a professional hair-makeup artist in Japan, and he has his own cosmetics line, “Blanche Etoile”. Recently he has launched the new skin tonic water, so this is all about.

In the past, my sister gave a cheek color from his brand as “lucky color” when I just started being a freelancer. That color was super vivid like an orange, and that cheek made me so positive and brighten me up literally :) I am super happy to work with one of my fvorite cosmetics brand. I thank my sister and people surround me for this opportunity.

Plus the most amazing news was Mr Hamada really loved my illustrations, and he decided to use my illustrarion for his product permanently from now on. It is such an honor to recieve his voice. Please come find it if you are around.

BAILA magazine

Blanche Etoile

Agent: Building(Miki Igarashi)
Edit: Maiko Sugai(菅井麻衣子)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

CREA magazine illustration

I worked for CREA magazine 2016 April Issue about “Time to Start Hair Care at Home” published by Bungeishunju Ltd and it’s in store now.

Edit: Hitomi Kuwana(桒名ひとみ)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

MITSUKOSHI ISETAN “PLAISIR” catalogue illustration

I worked for an Internation department store chain MITSUKOSHI and ISETAN’s original catalogue “PLAISIR” illustration. Please take a look if you have any chance.

Art Direction & Design: Dynamite Brothers Syndicate

Agent: Building (Anri Nakamura)
Design: Hiroki Inoue(井上宏樹)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda


Illustration column “Bald is Awesome” vol.6 is on BRUTUS magazine

My illustration column on BRUTUS Magazine “Bald is Awesome” vol.5 is in store now.

Powered by: Kenichi Yaguchi(矢口憲一)
Edit: Asuka Ochi (大池明日香)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

FIGARO EYE WEAR 2016S/S debut collection brochure illustration

今季からスタートしたFIGARO EYE WEAR x PARIS MIKIの春夏コレクションカタログの挿絵を担当させていただきました。店頭にて現在配布中ですので、是非お手にとってご覧ください。(ハナルイス、どうもありがとう!)
I worked with FIGARO EYE WEAR which has debut from this spring, and corporates with a Japanese glasses chain PARIS MIKI. I drew one of their collections and appears on their brochures. Please go get one at the store!

Art Direction: Fleur Desgrange
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

LUMINE est 10th anniversary brochure illustration

LUMINE estさま10周年記念リーフレットイラストを担当させていただきました。現在店頭で配布中です。よろしければ是非お手にとってご覧ください。
I worked for a Japanese department store LUMINE est’s 10th Anniversary brochure illustration, and is now available in store. Come get it if you are around.

Client: LUMINE est
Design: Japan Life Design Systems co.Ltd,.

Art Direction: Ami Onuma(小沼亜美)
Design: Megumi Sato(佐藤恵美)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda