Thank you for coming to the rooms exhibition!



I was exhibiting a Japanese biggest Fashion Trade Show “rooms32” during 2/17~19. Many lifestyle shops gathered up in this box space, we have made like a room in a good harmony. There were furnitures, lumps, clothes, soaps, flowers, arts, magazines… yes we had everything we need in our life :) Every shop has their own style and the brand concept is really unique, but I think we all were mixed perfectly thanks to the fashion PR a.k.a. fashion blogger Miura san who directed this space. I just want to thank you for coming and being part of this amazing space! I will have next show next month with french ballet shoes brand “repetto”, so I will let you know the detail later.

Here is the brands lists I did with at rooms:
Anna magazine
Baxter of California
BYRD hair products
Ei Publishing
Lime & Olive
Jalan Sriwijaya
Miho Murakami
Sanei Shobou Publishing
Aiko Fukuda

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