I’ve started new column illustration “Bald is Awesome” on BRUTUS magazine




I’ve started new column “Bald is Awesome” illustration at BRUTUS magazine serially. A Tokyo based professional hair-makeup artist, Kenichi Yaguchi talks about how awesome being bald is, which is edited by Asuka Ochi. We update it every 15th, so please take a look if interested :)

I am so happy and honored to have this amazing opportunity. Having serial illustration is one of my dream, and actually working with BRUTUS team was a big big thing to me. Thank you Hoshino san for everything, and I will try my best!

My illustrations are another pages about “Military forever”, so please take a look too.

「男の色気 Bald is Awesome」
Edit: Toru Hoshino(星野徹)、Asuka Ochi (大池明日香)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

「永遠の男子服 Military Forever」
Edit & Text: Yu-ka Matsumoto (松本有加)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda


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