Panasonic Living Showroom advertising illustration

I have worked for “Panasonic Living Showroom” Advertisement designed by Creators Group Mac which is former creative department in Panasonic inc. My illustrations doesn’t only appears on the newspapers here, but also shown at JR Shimbashi Station’s escalators and the exit, and exhibited at the entrance of Shiodome City Center now. They have special website and also using my illustrations, so please take a look if you have any chance!

Client: Panasonic Living Showroom
Design: Creators Group Mac.Inc

Creative Direction:Toshiki Tamura(田村俊樹)Hiroshi Otani(大谷洋)Kenji Nakato(中戸健司)Sei Iwai(岩井勢)
Art Direction:Shunzo Nishikawa(西川俊三)Nao Kumagai(熊谷菜生)Keisuke Tanimura(谷村啓介)
Copy Writing:Chisato Tago(田子千里)
Illustration:Aiko Fukuda

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