SUBARU Exiga Crossover7 advertising illustration





と、久しぶりに語ってしまいましたが、特設ウェブサイトがストーリー仕立てになっていて、文章が本当に素敵だから是非とも一度読んでいただきたいです^^ よろしければ是非ご覧くださいませ。

I have worked for a Japanese car Brand, SUBARU’s newest SUV model “Crossover7 Exiga” Advertisement directed by Dentsu and designed by J.C. Spark. My illustration doesn’t only appears on the SUBARU stores, newspapers, and magazines, but also on the special envelopes and the website. The special website is like a story of book, so please check this out!

So this work- is one of my dreams I was eager for a long time since I was a college student. After I graduated from college and came back to do job hunting in Japan, I was working at some production studio as a part-timer. I went to get stuff from ad agencies to my office almost everyday, and I was just wishing to work with these people. It might be easier to just get into a design studio and work with them, but I wanted “people’s asking me”. I know it’s a huge dream, but I was thinking there is a way. It took time to figure it out though.

Even though the schedule was tight, I could be done by the deadline. SUBARU team was really awesome, and every feedback was precisely. I was so happy to work with those awesome people, and such an honor to be involved with that. Thank you Takeya san and Sakai san for making this happen :)

Client: SUBARU EXIGA CROSSOVER7 (Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.,)
Direction: Dentsu Inc.,
Design: J.C.Spark.,

Art Direction: Koki Takeya(竹谷耕樹)
Producer: Masami Sakai(酒井雅美)
Design:Masaya Ichikawa(市川真咲也)from J.C.SPARK
Copy Writing: Yoshio Takahashi(高橋慶生)
Illustration: Aiko Fukuda

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