Cover the Cover for Human Being Journal#5

アメリカのセレクトショップNEED SUPPLY.COさんが出版しているHuman Being Journalマガジンの最新号を記念してCover the Coverというコンペが行われていたので、参加いたしました。優勝は逃してしまいましたが、、オフィシャルブログに私の作品を掲載していただいたので、シェアさせていただきます^^


HUMAN BEING JOURNAL is a independent fashion / culture / lifestyle magazine produced by Need Supply.Co-which is a cool boutique from Richmond, Virginia in the U.S. HBJ had a competition called “Cover the Cover”- that we recreate its cover in our way. HBJ is one of my favorite magazines because I love to see and feel who focuses on and what craftsmen think about, and stuff. It is like U.S. “BRUTUS MAGAZINE” :) Starting from the latest issue(#5), Japanese version of HBJ has published, so I can’t miss it! This illustration is my submission, and I recreated it with Christmassy mood. I coul not get any prizes, but I still enjoyed attending this competition. Hope you like it :)

Merry Christmas!x


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